Bonsai’s Dog

Bonsai wanted to bring its coffee subscription plans to life and add some fun to the world of coffee, which is where the idea for Bonsai’s coffee dog character was born.

As an independent coffee shop located on the edge of Wandsworth Common in London, it allows us to welcome many of our wonderful locals and their equally as wonderful furry friends.

Inspired by our surroundings, Bonsai’s team created the Bonsai dog concepts and worked with a talented illustrator to finalise the bespoke designs. Each dog character is unique and based on the coffee subscription plan it represents.

Mad about Coffee

This cheeky pup is totally Mad about Coffee and loves Bonsai coffee so much they practically bathe in a cup of it weekly!

A dog that knows what they want, and when they want it. And they want Bonsai coffee – and a double helping of it weekly.

This pup isn’t taking no for an answer….

The Coffee Lover

This coffee loving dog gives the 'thumbs up’ every time to a cup of their favourite Bonsai coffee. A dog that likes to be prepared for whatever the week throws at them.

Busy week = more coffee consumption.

This is a pup about town, with a bi-weekly double Bonsai coffee delivery to make sure this coffee loving dog never runs low.

The Leisurely Appreciator

Now this dog is a Bonsai coffee appreciator, a laid-back pup who likes nothing more than kicking back and savouring their coffee!

There’s no need to rush, this pup likes to leisurely appreciate their Bonsai coffee. They like nothing more than hopping onto their favourite chair, and getting cosy with a cup of what they call Bonsai sunshine.

The Coffee Aficionado

This is the new dog about town, and they’re a coffee Aficionado - an avid coffee fan, who wants nothing more than great quality Bonsai coffee delivered right to their doghouse monthly.

They’re a keen coffee drinker and they want a regular monthly coffee fix, right on time!

There’s no mistaking that this dog supports team Bonsai!

I don't even like Coffee

Oh yes, there are some dogs that don’t really drink much coffee or dare we say don’t even like it. But they still know great quality coffee when they see it, and they want to impress their dog friends and family by making sure they’re stocked up with Bonsai’s coffee quarterly.

They’re a social pup that likes to entertain, this pup knows how to make friends…