Bonsai's Brewing Guide

Be your own barista with Bonsai's brewing guide! You'll find everything from step-by-step instructions for your specific brewing method, to tips and tricks from our in-house baristas!

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Drip filter, Pour over, Clever dripper, V60

Also known as:

Drip filter, Pour over, Clever dripper




1.  Fold filter paper along seam to open up the cone, and place into your V60

2.  Rinse filter paper with boiling water - this gets rid of any paper taste and residue 

3.  Tip 15g of ground coffee in the centre of your cone, and create a little well in the middle using a spoon to make sure all the coffee grounds are being reached

TIP: Use electric scales to get your coffee and water right each time 

4.  Place the V60 and cup on scales, start your timer and begin to gently pour water until the coffee grounds are completely covered (50g of water)

TIP: Pour directly onto coffee, not onto filter paper 

5.  Pour 100g of water after 30 seconds 

6.  Pour 50g of water at 60 seconds 

7.  Pour 50g of water at 90 seconds 

8.  All 250g of water should be poured by 90 seconds, now let it drip down completely

TIP: Your coffee should be ready in two to three minutes 

9.  Serve and enjoy!


V60, Pour Over, Drip Coffe3


    Moka Pot

    Moka Pot, Stove Top, Bialetti

    Also known as:

    Stove Top, Bialetti 




    1.  Boil your kettle, pour water up to top mark of Moka Pot base

    2.  Add coffee to the filter basket, level off the grounds with the edge of a spoon, knife or your finger

    TIP: Do not push down on the coffee, leave it loose!

    3.  Place the filter basket into the base and screw on the top of the Moka Pot

    TIP: Use a tea towel to hold the base so you don’t burn your hands

    4.  Turn up the heat!

    TIP: Start with a medium heat to allow the water temperature to increase more gradually!

    5.  Turn down the heat! When you hear the water starting to boil in the base

    TIP: The coffee should pour out gently, if it sputters out it means the heat is too high and the coffee will be burnt!

    6.  Keep an eye on the heat to make sure the coffee is pouring out gently

    7.  Listen for the hiss! When you hear the hissing it means your coffee is ready. Take off heat and serve. Enjoy! 


    Moka Pot


    Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine, Espresso, Group Head, Portafilter




    1. Fill your portafilter basket completely with finely ground coffee 

    2. Level out the coffee grounds using a tamper

    IMPORTANT - Apply even pressure 

    3. Insert and secure your portafilter in the machine's group head 

    4. Press the button on your machine to start the water flowing

    5. Water should run for 24-28 seconds, and pour like runny honey at first, thinning as it continues 

    6. Serve and enjoy! 


    Espresso Machine


    Bean to Cup

    Bean to Cup machine, whole bean


    Whole bean


    1. Tip whole beans in coffee compartment, cover the lid to ensure freshness for longer

    2. Press the button for your desired coffee

    3. Let the machine do the work for you and await your delicious coffee 

    4. Serve and enjoy! 


    Bean to Cup



    Cafetière, French Press

    Also known as:

    French Press




    1. Boil kettle and let it rest for a minute as you add course coffee grinds into cafetière (about 15g per person) 

    2. Fill the cafetière with hot water, and stir the coffee

    TIP: Stir 3-5 times 

    3. Put the lid on the cafetière and wait for 4 minutes 

    TIP: Keeping the lid on helps to keep the warmth inside 

    4. Scoop out and discard any floating grounds, and stir gently

    TIP: Stir 3 times, being careful not to agitate the grounds settled on the bottom

    5. Put the lid back on and wait another 4 minutes

    TIP: This allows for the coffee to be brewed completely 

    6. Slowly push down the cafetière filter 

    7. Serve and enjoy!


    Cafetière, French Press, Coffee







      1. Boil kettle and let it rest for one minute

      2. Insert the plunger into the outer tube of the Aeropress so that it is set to number 4 that is printed on the side

      3. Turn the Aeropress upside down and remove the cap

      4.  Tip in 15g of medium-fine ground coffee

      5.  Pour hot water into the cylinder, stir the coffee and leave for one minute

      6.  Insert filter paper into the cap, and wet with hot water to remove paper residue and taste 

      7. Screw the cap onto the Aeropress

      8. After one minute, place your cup upside-down on top of the Aeropress and carefully flip the whole stack

      9.  Steadily push down on the plunger to extract your coffee into the cup

      10.  Serve and enjoy!