How long does my Bonsai coffee stay fresh?

Bonsai coffee is at its optimum around 2 weeks after being roasted and best enjoyed within 2 months. However, your coffee won’t go bad after this time, it’s just it may start to lose some of its flavour and not be quite as delicious. 

How do I store my Bonsai coffee beans?

To preserve your Bonsai Beans' fresh roasted flavour for as long as possible, store your Bonsai coffee in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature (not in the fridge). Clear canisters may allow light in which can compromise the taste of your coffee.

How do I change my coffee subscription?

You can pause, cancel, skip and change subscription plan at any time - no strings. Just log in to your online account, it’s really simple to do. 

Is Bonsai's packaging recyclable?

All our coffee bags are completely aluminium-free and 100% plastic, which allows us to keep your Bonsai coffee fresh. Our coffee bags can be collected with plastic waste; however, you should check your local recycling regulations to ensure this type of plastic is recycled in your area. Every single coffee bag we use is also certified CO-2 neutral, and our outer postage packaging is made from cardboard which can be recycled.

Are Bonsai’s coffee bags CO-2 neutral?

Bonsai only uses coffee bags that are certified CO-2 neutral, where investment is provided in CO2-reducing projects in coffee growing countries. These projects focus on the greenhouse gas emissions needed to produce coffee bags being completely compensated by reducing emissions elsewhere. That way the negative effect of production can be balanced out for our planet. The projects have Gold Standard certification, which ensures that – besides negating carbon emissions – local communities benefit the most.

How much is shipping and where do you ship to?

We offer free UK delivery on all Bonsai coffee subscriptions. Unfortunately at this time we don't offer delivery outside of the UK.

What if I have a question or problem?

If you can't find what you need on our website please just get in touch by using the contact us form, or e-mail: orders@bonsai-at-home.co.uk. We'll come right back to you.